Lancer Magazine Extensions

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Finally, an extension that expands the capacity the Lancer Advanced Warfighter magazine!

This extension replaces the factory base plate, adds 7 rounds* of capacity, and still allows the magazine to seat on a closed bolt. Machined from 6061 aluminum and hard-coat anodized black (Mil-A 8625 Type III Class 2).

The package includes a Wolff Extra Power magazine spring, and hex key for installation.

The extension will fit other Lancer patterned 5.56 magazines, but have not been tested for capacity or function.

Installation is quick and easy. Simply remove the factory base pad, swap the follower on to the supplied spring, slide the new extension on and back out the set screw.

Weight: 2.35oz

*In testing, we were able to squeeze in 8 additional rounds into the 30 round magazine, but the increased tension caused seating and feeding issues. We found that the +6 or +7 configuration seated on closed bolt, and fed reliably. Since each rifle is unique, figuring out what works for your rifle is your responsibility.