Bren 805 Lower Receiver

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Custom lower receiver for the CZ Bren 805 that can accept AR grips. The lower is made from 3d printed (SLS) nylon that has been media tumbled, dyed and painted black. I also offer these sprayed in "Magpul FDE" using Brownells Aluma-Hyde II paint. Click here for details on this paint.

All lowers will now have the physical "Semi/Burst/Full-Auto marking" indentations but you can choose to only have the "Semi-Auto" indents color filled. Both will still only function as Semi-Auto. 

*Some larger grips may need to be trimmed where they extend up inside of the part.

*Installation requires various punches and a hammer.  If you want to send me your lower I will do the swap for free.

*Grip not included but can be purchased separately from the accessories page.